About Us

We are a full stack product development company having expertise in business management & communication application with a focus on latest technologies. Since its inception, we has been helping companies elevate their performance by achieving the goals with industry-specific software solutions. At 3S Logics, we are focused on delivering result oriented quality solutions.

Our Vision

To be innovative and sustainable business application company and provide an economical solution to be accessed by all size and type of businesses.

Our Mission

To enable every business manager with Visionary, Diligent and Resilient application to manage their task from anywhere and anytime with ease and help to bring precision and speed in business decision.


What is BizNext?

BizNext is an Integrated Business Management Platform for small, medium and large businesses. It provides seamless integration and flow of information between different business functions. Being a user friendly application, it provides platform independent flexible deployment.

What is Project Insider?

Project Insider is a tool, which can help you to manage project efficiently and give data to measure utilization and performance of any resource including managers. It is a web and mobile-based solution that can be accessed from web and mobile means anywhere, anytime...


Ramniwas Yadav

Ramniwas Yadav is a post graduate from one of the most renowned universities of India, Pune University. With a total 15 years of experience, Ramniwas Yadav has worked...

Yuzo Nakajima

Yuzo Nakajima, has gained colossal knowledge of this field by handling several different projects and roles, namely, manufacturing (mainly ASSY), Trading Industry...

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